Activity and Technology Fees

Activity Fee (5th Grade)

Field trips are an integral part of how we teach. We have chosen field trips that have a strong curricular connection and an emphasis on the arts and opportunities for service learning. In order to avoid numerous field trip permission slips and repeated fee collections, we have designed a blanket permission slip and will collect an activity fee for each student for the entire year. This will allow our teachers to spend their valuable time teaching rather than collecting money and doing paperwork. The activities fee will be collected to cover things such as guest speakers, admission tickets, and bus transportation.

Students with unpaid activity fees will not be allowed to attend grade level field trips (including Barrier Islands) until the fee is paid in full.

Middle School Activity Fees

Activity Fee for 5th Grade - $175.00 - Due 8/31/18 
In addition to the information provided above, 5th grade students will take a two night trip to the Barrier Islands in addition to their day trips.
Activity Fee for Grades 6th-8th
Field trip fees in grades 6-8 will be collected as needed. We recommend that all students participate in each field trip, but this is not required beginning in grade 6.

In 8th grade, students will have the opportunity to go on an optional, 3-day 2-night, field trip to Washington, DC. Fees for this field trip will be broken up into three installments.

Technology Fee

Technology Fee - Grades 6-8 - $125.00 -  Due 8/22/18
In grades 6-8, we will have a 1:1 ratio for technology. Each student is required to pay a technology fee, and will be given a Chromebook to use for the school year. Students will not be able to bring their own Chromebook in order to be compliant with the Child Internet Protection Act and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Corvian will install content filtering and firewall protection on all devices. The device is property of Corvian Community School, but will be the responsibility of each individual student for the school year. Students should take excellent care of the device, leave all tags and labels in place, and protect it from damage.
Chromebooks will be issued when students pick up their schedule. The Technology Fee must be paid by that date in order to receive your device.

Pay Online

Fees may be paid in person at the middle school campus or online
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