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Sample Carpool Sign (Word Doc)
Carpool Signs should be clear and easy to read with the students Last Name, First name Teacher's Last Name, Grade printed in a bold black font on white paper
Carpool Instructions
David Taylor Campus (Grades K-4)

  • Drop off: 8:00-8:25. Pick up: 2:55-3:20. If you arrive after 8:25 am or 3:20 pm, a carpool worker will ask you to park and walk in to get your child.
  • Please make a large carpool sign (preferably on white using bold black lettering). Include: child’s name, grade and child’s teacher. (ie. Cindy Smith, 1st, Nix)
  • Please hang your carpool sign with a coat hanger. This allows the carpool workers to clearly see the name and help retrieve your child.
  • Please put up your sign as you enter the parking lot and keep your carpool sign up until your child has been placed in your car.
  • Please queue in the vacant building lot (ie. 9711 David Taylor Drive--turn left out of driveway and 2nd building on the left) for main campus(K-4) afternoon carpool.
  • When you are in your line on David Taylor Drive waiting to enter the school, please pull as close to the curb as possible and turn on your flashers. This will allow for traffic to safely go around you and allow fellow carpoolers to know who is in the carpool line.
  • The afternoon carpool line will pull into the main campus driveway at 2:55 when carpool starts.
  • Please do not cut in front of other cars once they are in queue. If you arrive once the carpool line is moving from the vacant lot, please seek out the end of the line rather than jumping in a hole on David Taylor.
  • No left turns out of main campus during morning or afternoon carpool.

Johnston Oehler Campus (Grades 5-8)
Please note carpool times will change for 2017-18 school year with school hours changing ot 8am-3pm.
Highlights for both morning and afternoon:
  • There will be no left turns into or out of our building during carpool hours. This will keep carpool running smoothly. There are roundabouts on either side of our school that can be used to easily turn around both in the morning and afternoon. 
  • There is no afternoon queuing station, so please plan accordingly. Entry into the parking lot will not begin until 3:20. Please see specifics below.

Morning Carpool
Hours: 7:55- 8:20
  • Carpool begins at 7:55am.  Please do not arrive or queue before 7:55am.
  • You may only turn right into our building. We will not allow cars to turn left into our building. 
  • Please pull into the driveway and make an immediate right turn. Carpool workers will divide you into 2 rows and direct you to the front of the building for drop off. 
  • Drop off is at the front of the building. Middle School staff will be there to greet the students. Please make sure students are ready to exit the car when they arrive at the front.
  • No left turns out of the parking lot. Please turn right only.
  • If you arrive after 8:20am please park your car and walk your child in. An adult must walk their child in and sign them in if they are late. Students are not allowed to check themselves in.

Afternoon carpool
If you are picking your child up for an appointment in the afternoon we ask that you pick up before 2:50. Once 2:50 arrives, we will no longer be dismissing students and the front entrance will be closed.
  • Please do not arrive before 3:20 for afternoon carpool. If you are earlier than 3:20, there are designated parking spots located around the perimeter of the apartment complex at the corner of Prosperity Church Road and Johnston Oehler. We will not have a queuing station, as our school is located on a main road and we cannot block traffic. Please plan your arrival accordingly. At 3:20 we will remove the cones and you may enter the driveway.
  • When you turn right into the Corvian parking lot, cars will then turn right into the first curb cutout. There will be two lanes designated by cones, and cars will be directed to pull into both lanes. (This is similar to the David Taylor carpool entry into the parking lot.) 
  • Carpool will start at 3:25. The carpool workers will direct you when to move and circle around the building to pick up your child at the front entrance. There will be 5 stations at the front of the building. If your child does not come when their name is called we will ask you to pull to the front of the line where the cone is marked Recall.
  • Please have a carpool sign with your child’s full name and grade.
  • We ask that no cell phones be used during carpool. This includes talking, Facebook, checking emails, etc. Cell phones are a distraction to the driver and we do not want to put our car pool workers or our students at risk. If a driver is seen using their cell phone during carpool, they will be asked to put it away. Thank you in advance for your help in keeping everyone safe!
  • You may only turn right out of the parking lot. We are not allowing left turns at any time. This is to ensure the flow of carpool runs smoothly and without delay.
  • If you arrive after 3:55pm you must park your car and walk inside. Your child will be in aftercare. Please note that you will be charged a $25 fee for the use of aftercare.
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