Cross Country

Corvian High School Cross Country

Coach - Taylor Waddell
Cross Country (XC) Rules and Other Info per NCHSAA

Below you will find some important rules regarding what your child will be expected to do if they decide to try out for the Corvian Cross Country Team. These rules and expectations are governed by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA). These rules explain the basics of the distances that will be run at each meet, how many boys/girls can participate, when meets are held, etc.

1. The max distance of a meet will be 3.1 miles.

a. If your child decides to try out for the team, they should practice running this summer. To make it easier and more fun, try making it a family event. Run together a few times each week. Use the MapMyRun app to track your mileage. You can go on a computer and create routes for your child through your neighborhood using the MapMyRun website. That way you know where your child will be running and it’s a lot safer.

2. A boys’ race and a girls’ race will be run at each conference meet.

3. At each meet the top 4 runners, boys and girls, are usually scored. However, this can change depending on the size of the meet, the size of the teams, or if it's an invitational meet.

a. Every Corvian XC runner should give it their best. Other runners can be injured or disqualified during a race giving us another opportunity to score.

4. Meets are usually between two teams but can sometimes be hosted as Tri-Meets where three teams race, but would be scored as two separate meets.
5. Host schools must be well staffed for the safety of the runners.

a. We are going to need lots of help during home meets. Depending on where the course is, especially if any of the course is out of sight, we would need volunteers positioned along the course. So please be sure you can assist us with this when we host a race.

6. Meet days are currently up to the host team. Depending on weather conditions, meets may be postponed a day or two.
7. Team members will be identified by a similar uniform shirt or jersey. Just like the other sports we had at Corvian, a running jersey/tank top will be provided but must be returned at the end of the season.  

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