2021 Summer Camp at Corvian

SSL Certificate Intructions

SSL Certificate Instructions

SSL Certificate Intructions

Below are the SSL Certificate instructions for "ALL Users" on the Corvian Network that Bring their own device (BYOD). Some High School staff and ALL students that bring their own devices will need to install one of the ZScaler (Firewall) SSL certificates depending on whether or not you are a Mac user or a Windows user. If you don't, when the Firewall begins enforcement of SSL you will have problems connecting to the Internet.  Installing the certificate will force authentication to the Corvian Network and will also track SSL connections to the Internet 

This only applies to users that bring their own devices or are running a MAC or Windows machine that is assigned to you.  This does not apply to Enterprise Chrome Books that were handed out to students and staff.

Download Certificate HERE: 

ZScaler Certificate Install Videos

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