Third Grade

Third Grade Curriculum

At Corvian, while we teach isolated skills, we strive to continuously give students meaningful and purposeful opportunities to use those newly learned skills. All students at all grade levels are always participating in multi-disciplinary, integrated units of study that allow the students to participate in meaningful, purposeful, and relevant studies. Rather than memorizing isolated facts, students will ponder and reflect upon big ideas that truly matter in the larger picture of life. For every unit, there are one or two of the core commonalities studied as threads that tie our learning together. We adhere to the brain research that supports helping students find connections across all learning.
Theme: Exploration

We explore the growth and development of our community to help us understand how these processes change and impact the world around us. We explore how things work, move, grow, and adapt to change. We discover our responsibilities to our community as citizens. 
Units of Study
Our Universe
Our solar system, our Earth, our landforms, Force, Motion, and Energy (Pushes, pulls, gravity, energy)

Charlotte History
North Carolina History, Hezekiah Alexander family history, Colonial times, Catawba Indian Life, The Discovery of Gold, Charlotte History, and the Economy (Supply, Demand, Entrepreneurship, Natural Resources)

A Plant’s Life
Life cycle of a plant, Parts of a plant, and components of Soil

The Human Body
The muscular system, The skeletal system, The importance of healthy eating and exercise on the body

Author Study
Cynthia Rylant, Patricia MacLachlan, Shel Silverstein, and Gail Gibbons

Artist in Me
Romare Bearden, Ben Long, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Ansel Adams, and Grandma Moses

Field Trips
Classic Theater Productions, Schiele Museum, Charlotte Museum of History, Downtown Art Walk of Charlotte, and Dirt on Dirt at Patterson Farm, Service Learning Field Trips to local nursing home 

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