Virtual Learning and Schoology

Virtual Learning and Schoology

Schoology (like other similar platforms) has had a dramatic increase in users over the past few weeks as so many schools across the country have moved to online learning. They are working to increase their capacity and the connection will get better. In the meantime, please be patient and try some of these tips:

  • Log in early! Your assignments open up at 7:30 am and if you start working early you will be likely to get in three uninterrupted hours until the West Coast bogs down the system. For many of you, this is enough time to finish your work for the day!

  • Use Chrome. This browser works best with Schoology and the add ons our school uses.

  • Take a lunch break at 11 am. This is when Schoology tends to have the most traffic and, as a result, sometimes goes down.

  • If you are having other problems with Schoology, submit a help request form.

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