Testing Tips and Reminders

It is almost time for students to begin taking EOG tests.  They have prepared all year and studied hard. Now it is their time to shine and show what great Readers, Mathematicians, and Scientists they are!  We know it is a snapshot of their progress, and we want to wish them well and tell them we are proud of how much they have grown this year.

Things to leave at home:  Bookbags, Chromebooks, phones, watches, Fitbits, and any other electronics.  


Make sure your child goes to bed early! He/she needs to get a good night’s sleep each night before the test. 

Have your child wear their favorite, comfortable clothes on test day.  If they are wearing something they like and feel comfortable in, they will be able to concentrate better on the test and have more confidence. They can bring a jacket in case they get chilly.  

Make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast that is high in protein each day of the test, like a boiled egg or a waffle with peanut butter and honey. 

Have your child bring a protein filled snack and lunch to school. (Remember no Nut Products for lunch) They may bring a water bottle as long as it does not have measurements on it.

Don’t be late!! Make sure to get up earlier than usual, so you are not rushing to school. 

Remind your child to practice breathing exercises and muscle relaxation exercises during the test breaks! 

If your child wears glasses, please make sure he/she wears their glasses on their testing days. 

Send in a book with your child both days of the test. They are allowed to read after the test is completely, finished.

Encourage your child to THINK positively. They can do this! They are ready! they are appreciated! Your words of encouragement mean so much!

At the end of each testing day, make sure to let your child relax, play, and unwind! They will need some downtime and lots of love and support to remind them how awesome they are and that we are all so proud they are Corvian Cardinals!

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