Being the Best Captain

Article by: Caitlin Langley and Caleb Zink

The Corvian Varsity Soccer team is on a roll this year, even though they had tough times in the pre-season games against Carmel Christian, Jay M. Robinson, and West Cabarrus. Captains Daniel Gamez and Wade Huffstetler are doing a great leading the team. 

Daniel Gamez says “Being a Captain on the Corvian soccer team is a true privilege. Being a captain is something that I have been dreaming of since I was a child watching the captain on TV with his armband on leading the team. It’s fun and exciting being on the team, and to be a leader on this team is an honor.” Captain Wade said “I love being the captain, because I get to do it with my friend, Daniel. I get to be a leader and talk to the team and be like a second coach in a way.” 

    As captains they said that the team needs work, but they have potential. Every game the team tries as hard as they can. Daniel said “I believe that this team has potential. We did lose a lot of special players on our team that left their mark, but we have not only a future with these teammates but a present.“ Wade said that they “are starting out rough, but we are just waiting for conference play to start and then we will improve a lot. As long as we keep practicing and playing our best we will do fine.” 

    Both captains, Daniel and Wade, played on the Corvian Varsity team last year, and some of their best memories are on that team. Daniel said that, “My favorite moment from last soccer season has to definitely be the pink out game. The feeling of being out there, hearing the crowd, the emotions of the game and the meaning of being out there to me and the tie declaring a win in the conference. Something indescribable and special for all of us.” While Wade said that, “My favorite moment from last season was definitely scoring in the black out game, because it was a really good goal and it got the crowd energized.“

    The coach of the Corvian Varsity Team, Jonathan Maldonado, has been coaching at Corvian for 4 years now, but this is his first year coaching Varsity Soccer. Jonathan quotes, “This has been my mission ever since I had an amazing time playing back in high school with not just a coach, but one of the best coaches from Brentwood, NY, Mark Calderon. What I have been taught is to play games to the max every game. Play like it’s your last game, learn from the mistakes we make to not make them again, and be able to compete against any school no matter how good they are. Every game is a good game whether you win or lose as long as everyone puts in the work on the field. A loss against one of the best teams is a win. I don’t like to teach my players just about winning. I like for them to see the flip side of losing a game if they did good or bad, and point out what they could have done better. Being a coach takes a lot of hard work, but it’s an honor to be a varsity coach.”

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