The Growth of Corvian

Article by: Maria-Antionette Cammarano

You may have heard a few things about Corvian here and there, but do you know the whole story?

Corvian Community School was founded by Stacey Haskell in 2010, named after her two daughters Cora and Vivian. She wanted to start Corvian after realizing there was a need for good public schools in the community. Originally, Corvian was a low-tuition private school with only 15 students with the plan to gain charter status. 

For the first two years, they were teaching in trailers in the Greater Vision United Methodist Church’s parking lot.  In 2012, Corvian was one of six schools that were granted charter status. That same year, they were able to move to the current elementary school. Years after establishing the elementary school, Ms. Haskell started planning for middle school. She then found out that Countryside Montessori went out of business, which led to eventually obtaining that campus. In 2015, when the class of 2022 was in 5th grade, the school was outgrowing the elementary campus. So for one year, they were in the University City United Methodist Church.

The students who have been here since kindergarten have enjoyed their time at Corvian. Sarah Dockrill states “Corvian has great teachers. All [our] teachers want you to learn and actually want you to get somewhere in life.” Locke Hutcheson says “When I first got to Corvian, it was a great atmosphere, very welcoming and wholesome… I never found a reason to leave.” As the years progressed, class sizes increased. Students like Locke recall “at the beginning, it increased a lot. We would only have one class per grade, then in third grade, they added more.”

In 2018, the high school campus opened with the first graduating class. During the pandemic, they built the athletic complex behind the high school, and this summer, the school is going to start building the new elementary school behind the middle school. Last year, the high school had its first graduating class, with many more to come!

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