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Field Trip/ Activity Fee

Field trips are an integral part of how we teach. We have chosen field trips that have a strong curricular connection and an emphasis on the arts and opportunities for service learning. Most grade levels will attend performances at the Children’s Theater at Imaginon or Ovens Auditorium, as well as field trips to their service learning site (nursing homes and retirement communities in our area). In addition, trips and events are planned for each grade level to connect to the curriculum. In order to avoid numerous field trip permission slips and repeated fee collections, we have designed a blanket permission slip and will collect an activity fee for each student for the entire year. This will allow our teachers to spend their valuable time teaching rather than collecting money and doing paperwork. The activities fee will be collected to cover things such as guest speakers, admission tickets, and bus transportation.

Students with unpaid activity fees will not be allowed to attend grade level field trips (including Barrier Islands) until the fee is paid in full.
Activity Fee for Elementary - $125.00 - Due 9/15/18 

How To Pay Fees

2018-19 Fees will be accepted beginning 7/1/18 
There are two ways to make your Activity Fee:
  1. Checks can be sent into the office (attention: Ashley Lau). Please make sure to put your child's name in the memo section.

  2. Payment can also be made by credit card. If you choose this option, please click on the link to the right of the page. This will connect you to the PayPal payment portal. Please note that there is a credit card fee of $5 with this option.

K-4th Grade Activity Fee: $130
$125 + $5 Processing Fee
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