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We humbly ask you to consider the value of your child’s education. Differing from neighborhood schools, charter schools do not receive funding for supplemental pay, technology, transportation, construction, facility up fits, and land. It is through the support of our community that Corvian can bridge the funding gap and continue to advance its people, programs, and spaces. As a community, we can continue to fulfill our mission of helping students develop happy, healthy lives, well-equipped for the future. 

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Corporate Matching Programs futher Corvian fundraising efforts.  Here are a few companies who have generously matched employee donations.  Be sure to ask your employer how we can be approved if you company is not listed.
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"I feel extremely fortunate that so many parents share their most precious gifts with me at Corvian Community School. There is no other place I would rather teach. It is truly my home now. The teaching community at Corvian is filled with passionate and dedicated individuals who are advocates for students. We take time to appreciate both the large and small gains to create a dynamic atmosphere where learning is exciting, and I look forward to being a part of this atmosphere every day. Students need to know that there is someone there for them no matter what, to advocate for those without a voice, support them when they feel as though no one else can, and to love them unconditionally. I teach for my students, to make their world a better place, even if it is just for the school day." Ms. Kristen, 1st/2nd Grade Loop
"Teaching is such a huge part of who I am and being a part of Corvian just feels like home.  Being part of Corvian is not just life changing for students, but for teachers too. It really is life changing for everyone who walks through the doors of our school."- Mrs. G, 3rd/4th Grade Loop
"Teaching at Corvian has been an amazing experience that has greatly impacted my life in a positive way. The staff and students have supported me and made me feel very welcomed. I love coming each day to teach and work with the students at Corvian."- Ms. Bethany, 6th-Grade Social Studies 
"Having been at Corvian since 2014, I have had the opportunity to teach a small group of students from their elementary through middle school years.  I have seen the positive, long term effects of our holistic teaching approach as children awaken for the first time to their self worth and potential. I have seen students treated with dignity and respect blossom physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. That is why I teach, and that is why I teach at Corvian!"- Mr. G, 7th-Grade Social Studies 
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