5th Grade Academics

Fifth Grade Curriculum

At Corvian, while we indeed teach isolated skills, we strive to continuously give students meaningful and purposeful opportunities to use those newly learned skills. All students at all grade levels are always participating in multi-disciplinary, integrated units of study that give students an opportunity to participate in meaningful, purposeful, and relevant studies. Rather than memorizing isolated facts, students will ponder and reflect upon big ideas that truly matter in the larger picture of life. For every unit, there are one or two of the core commonalities studied as threads that tie our learning together. We adhere to the brain research that supports helping students find connections across all learning. Corvian students have explored their community and their state before reaching 5th grade. Now they will explore how our country has experienced change from the time of early American explorers to the present. Students investigate how this impacts us as global citizens. They investigate how these changes affect human relationships, government policy, socioeconomic, and cultural conditions. 

*Students in NC are tested at the end of 5th grade in Reading, Math, and Science. These end of grade tests will take place during the last ten days of school.
Units of Study: 
  • The study of Native Americans and settlers in the original thirteen colonies
  • Colonization of our country, the American Revolution, Civil War's impact, and Westward Expansion and the creation of an entirely new nation.
  • Jean Craighead George, social issue books, and fantasy genre study
  • Estuaries and salt marshes, oceans, lakes and ponds, forests, and grasslands
  • Producers, consumers, or decomposers (biotic factors)
  • The interconnected relationship of plants and animals to their ecosystem
  • Earth Systems and Structure
  • Weather
  • Energy Conservation and Transfer
  • Genetics
  • Forces and Motion, Matter: Properties and Change
  • Structures and Functions of Living Organisms
  • Field Trips- Civil Rights Museum. Greensboro Science Center, Rocket Ryan science in-house programs, Classic Theater Productions, Barrier Island Experience (trip to Barrier Island Educational Center, Seabrook Island, SC)
For detailed NC Standards information, please visit: www.ncpublicschools.org/curriculum/ 
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