Before and After School Care

Before and After School Care

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Before School Care (BSC) opens at 7:00 AM. After School Care (ASC) closes at 6:00 PM.


Before School Care (BSC)
ARRIVAL: Starting at 7:00 AM, parents/guardians are to escort their child into the building and sign in each morning.
DEPARTURE: Students will be dismissed by BSC staff when the school day begins.

After School Care (ASC)
ARRIVAL: Students will be escorted to their appropriate ASC classroom when the school day ends.
DEPARTURE: No later than 6:00 PM, parents/guardians are to sign out their child each afternoon and record the pick up time. Late fees will accrue after 6:00 PM ($10 every 10 minutes). Students will only be released to those listed on the authorization list. Students will be called by radio to the front lobby for dismissal with their parent. A photo ID is required at all times by the front lobby personnel for student dismissal. 
While we love children, our BSC/ASC program and staffing are different from those provided during the regular school day. Thus, we reserve the right to decline any registration. 

BSC/ASC 2021-2022 Handbook

Before and After School Care Director

Patrick Hill 
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