Corvian families of 4th, 8th, and 12th Graders, 
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Why I Give

Why I give...

I give because I want to give back for all that Corvian has given us. 
Our daughter has attended Corvian for the last 4 years. And as each year passes, we are more amazed by her quest for knowledge and willingness to learn, her compassion towards her classmates and the world in general and the imagination for what her future holds for her. All of these traits are guided by the environment she is exposed to in school each day including her amazing teachers and staff with engaging attitudes and curriculum, wonderful friends, service and character building activities and the overall culture of caring and involvement.

Our daughter is in the oldest grade in the school. So we are the chartering the way for future classes. We give because we want to ensure that the same positive experiences that we have had, and will continue to have, will pave the way for future generations. We give because we want to make sure that Corvian’s most valuable resources, our teachers, are adequately recognized for their dedication and hard work for our children and to the school. We give because we believe in the core values and support of Corvian and want to see it continue to grow and succeed in the years to come. We give back for all that Corvian has given our daughter.
- Bobby and Kara Burleson – parents to Megan

Corvian impacts everyone differently. What's your story?

Corvian impacts everyone differently.  What's your story?
I give because Corvian reflects the life lessons that we stress at home, building character and confidence.
I've always loved golf, so it was easy for my grandsons to get me to participate in their school's annual golf outing! After spending the day there -WOW- was I impressed by such great people -from the teachers and administration to the parents and volunteers - everyone associated with Corvian! After the outing, I was equally impressed to hear the director tell us that the school is debt free! How can you not get excited about that and level of enthusiasm you see at Corvian? You can feel it as soon as you walk into the school! Since then, I have given directly to the Corvian fund to further support my grandsons and their classmates.  We need a lot more of what is offered at Corvian in our school systems!

-Bill Corder, Jared and Brayden Barciszewski's Grandpa
I give because Corvian is more than a school, it is a home.
Corvian is more than a school, it is a home for my boys. Within its walls, all developmental aspects of my children are nurtured. Through Corvian's focus on character, compassion, and serving the community, our boys are learning how to become responsible and caring citizens.

Corvian has created a safe learning environment where our boys are valued and their love for learning grows. Hands-on learning fills their days and authentic experiences fill their hearts. Their teachers are free to instruct in ways that they learn best, not how someone else thinks every child should be able to learn. Our family is thankful for each day our boys have the privilege to learn, share, and grow in this exemplary community.

The dedication and love shown to our children during these unprecedented times have been exceptional. The teachers and admin continue to rock despite their own personal challenges during this time. Words cannot express our gratitude. Thank you for taking such good care of us!  

"Childhood is a journey, not a race."

- Jenn and Carlos Rosalino, parents to Alex and Chris
I give because individually, each gift may not seem large enough to make a difference, but when that small gift is added to the whole, it is huge!
Our family gives because Corvian gives us so much. My girls are thriving with excellent, caring teachers in a small, safe environment. The creative curriculum, emphasizing the whole child and integrating all subject areas, makes learning meaningful and fun. We have been at multiple schools before coming to Corvian and while no school is perfect, Corvian comes pretty close! We want to give back, even if it is in a small amount, to help Corvian grow and better serve everyone. Individually, each gift may not seem large enough to make a difference, but when that small gift is added to the whole, it is huge! By giving, we feel fully integrated into the Corvian community. We don’t have large sums to give all at once, but a simple monthly recurring donation via Paypal really adds up in the end. If you do not have a lot extra to give all at once, think about a small recurring monthly donation. Each individual family participating makes our school community stronger, no matter how big or small. We are all so thankful for this school!
I give because our boys are confident, excited to learn, and they love school!
Corvian has been very special to us since our oldest son, Asher, started kindergarten. We were one of the first families when Corvian received its charter status. We truly feel like this school was created specifically with our boys in mind. Movement breaks, transition time with music, hands-on learning, etc. Surely, many parents can relate. Over the past four years, both of our boys have grown so much. They are confident, excited to learn and they love school!

While there are so many places asking for donations, we believe Corvian is the BEST place to invest our resources for our children's future. We are extremely grateful for our school!!

- Darin and Johnna Watson, parents to Asher & Brock

 We give to support the school and staff that continue to grow this incredible community!

Corvian Community School has been a gift to our family. Our student began at Corvian as a kindergartner and as a rising eighth grader is still excited to go to school each day! The Basic School model to develop the whole child is at the heart of Corvian. We are grateful our son is able to attend a school that puts the needs of students first. Corvian focuses on developing global citizens that understand their role in a community and the contributions they make to team success. The leadership, staff and student body understand and live the creed. Corvian is truly a community of students, educators and families.

- The Ward Family 

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