Portrait of a Corvian Graduate

Portrait of a Corvian Community School Graduate

A Corvian Community School graduate will engage in a lifelong pursuit of academic knowledge and interdisciplinary learning by being:

A Communicator and Collaborator

  • Demonstrating empathy, compassion, and respect for others
  • Embracing diversity as a strength to communication
  • Utilizing technology in a knowledgeable and ethical manner
  • Working interdependently in a group to achieve a common goal
  • Maintaining and nurturing enduring relationships

A Critical Thinker
  • Solving problems creatively and welcoming alternative solutions
  • Respecting divergent thinking to engage others in thoughtful discussions
  • Applying information in novel ways to strengthen comprehension and increase awareness

An Active Participant in a Global Community
  • Understanding the foundation of our country and valuing our rights, privileges, and responsibilities
  • Celebrating a variety of cultures and seeking common ground
  • Protecting the natural environment

A Creative Individual with an Appreciation of the Arts
  • Taking joy in self-expression and using creativity as a tool for enriching their academic learning 
  • Deepening their cultural awareness through hands on learning, technology, and the arts
  • Utilizing the arts to cultivate imagination and ingenuity in problem solving

A Goal Directed and Resilient Citizen
  • Embracing high expectations and academic rigor
  • Utilizing and developing their unique talents with confidence
  • Pursuing personal excellence 
  • Exhibiting honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness
  • Accepting responsibility for his/her own actions

A Healthy Role Model
  • Engaging in healthy lifestyle practices 
  • Seeking positive experiences for optimal mental health 
  • Creating a balanced lifestyle


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