Sophomore Planning Guide

10th Grade Planning Guide

As you start your sophomore year, think about researching colleges based on your academic, extracurricular, and social interests. Think about what type of schools are a good fit for you!  This year is also when you take the Pre-ACT and PSAT.  During this year, focus on keeping your grades as good as you can, while engaging in extracurricular activities.  Also, consider taking the Senior Seminar Course your Junior year, which will serve as a road map to start your college application process.


  • Take some tests! There are two main tests that are requested in all U.S colleges as one of the admission requirements: The American College Testing (ACT) and The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT). During your sophomore year, Corvian will offer you a chance to take a preliminary version of both tests. Taking the Pre-ACT and PSAT this year allows you to get familiar with the test formats and after you get your results you can see the areas you need to work on.  Be on the lookout for dates and registration information!


  • Begin your college search! This year you should start thinking about what types of colleges are a good fit for you.  Consider thinking about factors such as your degree interests, college size, tuition costs, academics, financial aid opportunities, and extracurriculars.  Make sure that your research focuses on colleges that will help you achieve your goals.  As you narrow your search, consider signing up for college visits, since the information you find online is limited!


  • Don’t forget about extracurriculars! Make time for some activities outside the classroom since colleges will look at your academic success and your involvement in your community.  Getting involved in sports, clubs, organizations, or other after-school activities will help you develop new skills and personal qualities that will be beneficial throughout your life.

  • Reach out to your School Counselor!  Building a relationship with your school counselor is important as they will help you stay on track throughout your college application process.  Introduce yourself and set up meetings with them so they can get to know you better! This is a good opportunity for you to ask all the questions regarding college and what types of colleges might be the best fit for you.  

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