Freshman Planning Guide

Planning Ahead: 9th Grade

Believe it or not, 9th grade is not too early to start preparing for college! Much of what you do now as a freshman can help you be prepared and organized for when it’s time to start applying to the colleges or universities you are interested in attending. 

  • Take the classes that are right for you! Colleges want to see that you are challenging yourself, so take the tougher classes in the subjects where you do your best work. Keep track of every class you take to be sure you meet all of the school requirements for graduation, and talk with your parents, teachers, and counselor about what courses are right for you.

  • Get involved! Many colleges will look not only at your classes and GPA, but they will also look at what types of sports, clubs, organizations, or activities in which you were involved throughout high school. You don’t have to join everything!! In fact, many schools will want to see your commitment to things that are of value to you, not that you were a member of every single club. Being well rounded is important, but quality is better than quantity! 

  • Develop good organizational and study habits! If you haven’t done this already, now is the time. Grades you earn during your freshman year do count and will be on your high school transcripts. Don’t procrastinate, ask questions if you are not sure, and see your teachers during office hours for more individualized help. These are all skills you will need not only in high school, but also in college! 

  • Learn to balance school work with your extracurricular and family activities and obligations. This will always be an important aspect of your life so it’s good to learn this at a young age.  

  • Start researching colleges and visit if you can! It’s okay to not know where you want to go to college, but it’s not too early to start thinking about what is important to you in a college and doing some preliminary investigating. 

  • Research and explore different career options! There are many careers out there that you may not even be familiar with yet. Learn all you can, and talk with the adults you know.

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