We humbly ask you to consider the value of your child’s education. Differing from neighborhood schools, charter schools do not receive funding for supplemental pay, technology, transportation, construction, facility up fits, and land. It is through the support of our community that Corvian can bridge the funding gap and continue to advance its people, programs, and spaces. As a community, we can continue to fulfill our mission of helping students develop happy, healthy lives, well-equipped for the future. 

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Corporate Matching Programs futher Corvian fundraising efforts.  Here are a few companies who have generously matched employee donations.  Be sure to ask your employer how we can be approved if you company is not listed.

Elementary School Teacher Assistance Fund

On November 12, our beloved elementary school fell victim to flash flooding.  It all happened very quickly.  143 staff and students were evacuated by amazing first responders.  Because of the swiftness and calmness of everyone involved, our students and staff made it to safety.  The teachers were also heroes that day as they helped our sweet children safely out of the building.  The unfortunate thing, as a result of this horrific flood, is that our teachers lost cherished personal items from their classrooms as well as their cars.  The majority of their cars are totaled.  Many are severely damaged.  While insurance may cover some of the damages, it doesn't take into account the cost of the insured's deductible or if they happen to owe more than the value of their vehicle. Not to mention having to purchase a new car.  We have set up this fund to help relieve the burden of this horrible event.  All proceeds will be given to the teachers.  Thank you for considering making a donation and supporting our teachers during this time. Please note, Corvian is a non-profit entity with their 501c3 status.

COVID Family Assistance Program

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 As a new member of the Corvian Community, I was nervous about how I would fit in, but it has been incredibly easy to build relationships with students, families, and colleagues.  Corvian is a unique school, where students are positioned as individuals, encouraged to take ownership of their learning and provide input on how they learn best.  Families have been positively engaged in supporting students excel in both academics and personal growth.  Additionally, I have learned so much from my colleagues and administration, and appreciate that they are always there to support me in challenging situations, both in and out of the classroom.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Corvian Community and have the chance to interact with Corvian students every day. - Hannah Brooks, High School Science Teacher
Being a part of the Corvian family for 3 years has been such an amazing experience! I get to see the same faces year after year which helps to create an unexplainable relationship with the students and their families. Getting to work alongside such talented and supportive admins and fellow teachers creates an environment that makes coming to work exciting! Corvian is a place that felt immediately like home and I am glad to be a part of that for others. - MacKayla Olson, Middle School Math Teacher
"Teaching at Corvian has been an amazing experience that has greatly impacted my life in a positive way. The staff and students have supported me and made me feel very welcomed. I love coming each day to teach and work with the students at Corvian."- Ms. Bethany, Middle School Social Studies 
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