National Honor Society

National Honor Society

At Corvian Community High School, those students who are distinguished in academics, character, leadership, and service are honored with an invitation to join the National Honor Society.  This invitation is a privilege that carries the responsibility of positively representing Corivan and serving the school community through service projects, leadership, and acting as a role model for peers.  Given this duality, members of the Corvian Community National Honor Society are held to the highest standards:

Academics: Candidates must have a minimum overall 3.75 weighted GPA.  The overall GPA will be dependent on grades through the first half of sophomore year for sophomore candidates.  NHS members are expected to maintain this cumulative GPA for continued membership. Students will have two quarters to correct any reduction in the overall GPA before dismissal. 

Moral Character: Members of the National Honor Society maintain high standards of character, even in the face of adversity or pressure.  It is important to note that candidates go above and beyond, exceeding standard expectations of character. Students will be required to obtain teacher recommendations detailing examples of times when the candidate exceeded expectations and demonstrated high moral character.  Any class three offenses, suspensions, or continued discipline patterns will lead to dismissal. 

Leadership: NHS members should act as leaders in the Corvian Community.  They may demonstrate leadership through classroom interactions, serving as an ambassador, leading sports teams or in service organizations.  Students will submit a list of leadership roles for review. 

Service: One of the main tenets of the National Honor Society is service.  Candidates should currently be involved in service projects in their community before invitation to the school based chapter.  Service means volunteering for the benefit of others. This can include service projects completed with church groups, other school organizations, or community groups.  Candidates should expect to continue personal service projects on their own time outside of participation with the chapter service project. Members will also be expected to maintain active participation in the chapter project.  

The National Honor Society calls members to maintain high academic achievement, a strong sense of character, active leadership, and participation in service to those in the community.  Candidates should be role models for the Corvian Community. Members will be expected to maintain active participation in the chapter, attending bimonthly meetings during lunch time. Continued absences in chapter meetings or service projects will result in dismissal.  NHS members should desire to work collaboratively to improve the school community and encourage those around them!

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