Electives Curriculum

Middle School Electives

Art will cover basic art appreciation, art history, skills and techniques, and applying the elements and principles of design. The course is structured to develop critical and creative thinking, build upon a base of fine art skills, techniques, and theory in various mediums with opportunities for creative expression and exploration.

Dance and Theater
Theater is a gift. Dance is a passion. They provide inspiration, promote self-esteem and personal identity, giving insight into self and society. Art, history and thought combine to reveal the past and create the future. 

The Corvian Middle School Music Program offers two pathways of study for developing skills and building on content knowledge gained from sequential music experiences from previous grade levels.

Music Exploration, taught in fifth grade, is a comprehensive curriculum that promotes hands-on learning. Experiences range from literacy with the elements of music to beginning composition. The class helps students make connections between historical, social, and cultural events to music.

Our performance-based ensembles include concert band and chorus. Through repertoire and instrumental or vocal instruction, students are engaged in critical & creative thinking, fostered further through reflection. Musical literacy is integral in the learning experience. A goal is to develop each ensemble member, thereby promoting lifelong learners who enjoy and value the arts experience.

Physical Education
5th Graders will be introduced to sports’ units. 6th-7th grade students will continue to build on the foundation started in 5th grade. 5th Grade will have two health units while 6th-7th will have multiple health units throughout the year. 8th graders have the option to take Athletic Conditioning. During A.C., students will work on different exercises and drills to improve the different areas of your child's athletics expertise. 

In Spanish, students will learn vocabulary, phrases, and grammar fundamental to furthering one’s knowledge of the Spanish language. Students will continuously enhance their vocabulary by learning new words and phrases, as well as master beginning grammatical structures of the target language. Reading, writing, listening, and speaking will help students build a strong foundation upon which they may grow. We will enrich our learning by studying other cultures and discovering how fun learning another language can be!

Study Skills
This year, we will be working on executive functioning skills, which include: organization, task initiation, prioritization, time management, note-taking, and study skills. Our goal is to help you create a plan to be successful! We will always begin the class with a movement break to help prepare our bodies for learning. Ms. Valerie will also be joining us from time to time, and she will bring her expertise in Occupational Therapy to guide us in executive functioning tasks.

In the world in which we live, technology is integral to everything we do. Throughout this course, one of my goals is to give you the tools you need to leverage technology to improve not only your schoolwork, but also your life in general. It doesn’t make sense to me to just teach proper typing or how to create a spreadsheet. Instead, I want to help my students learn how to type and format a document while they practice their writing skills for Language Arts, or help them learn that they can use spreadsheets to analyze data from a science experiment.

This year we will have fun learning great habits to have in our life such as, journaling, meditation, self-awareness, and taking care of our body & mind.
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