Stacey Haskell

Executive Director

Stacey Haskell
Stacey Haskell graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Most of her professional years were in accounting and financial consulting positions, where she was a valued employee respected for her professionalism, dedication to achieving results, and strong work ethic. Stacey and her husband Mark Haskell moved to the Charlotte area to start a new business in 2006. They reside in Huntersville with their two daughters. 

As Corvian's director and founder, Stacey's strong commitment to educational opportunities for all children and young adults shines in everything that she does. She values the importance of smaller class sizes, an individualized approach to educating the whole child though arts based education, and providing a flexible and supportive working environment to passionate, creative teachers. Stacey wants Corvian Community School to provide this for the children of our community. Stacey is committed providing research-based, brain-friendly instruction in classrooms that emphasize a commitment to the arts, service to the community, a rigorous, differentiated curriculum, and a safe, nurturing climate for learning.

Under Stacey's leadership, Corvian grew from a low-income private school with 15 students to a K-12 charter school with 1300 students, achieved accreditation by Cognia, obtained two tax-exempt bonds to build a brand new, state-of-the-art high school facility, and built an athletic complex. Stacey's vision and hard work was recognized by the community when Corvian won an Exceeded NC Academic Growth Award (2017-2018), a Wipe Out Waste Award (2017), and a Heavy Hitter Award (2018). 

Stacey is pleased to be able to live out her beliefs and commitments as the founder and leader of an Corvian Community School.

Nicki Sinclair

Director of High School Education

Nicki Sinclair
Nicki Sinclair graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education/ English from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in 1998, and her Master’s degree in Executive Leadership in 2011 from Gardner Webb University. She started teaching 8th grade language arts in Davidson County for five years before moving to Charlotte in 2003. In CMS she taught high school English and middle school language arts for several years. Nicki then had the opportunity to begin teaching at another local charter school where she taught 7th grade language arts for seven years and was the team leader for three of those years. During her time as team leader, Nicki very much enjoyed collaborating directly with other teachers, facilitating meetings, and building rapport among the grade level. This experience of leading her grade-level team helped her to realize her love for helping teachers and positively impacting students on an administrative level. 

Nicki's belief in seeing  students as individual learners with individual needs is what drew her to Corvian Community School in 2015.   She helped grow and lead the middle school with the addition of 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.  Nicki is excited to now be leading the high school while continuing to uphold Corvian’s core values.  

Nicki lives in the University Area with her husband Drew, and two children, Allison and Ben. She enjoys horseback riding, yoga, biking, acrylic painting, and spending time with her family.

Chandler Addertion

Associate Director of High School Education

Chandler Addertion
Chandler Addertion graduated from Western Carolina University with a Bachelor's degree in Health and Physical Education. He was a member of the WCU football team and a four-time Academic All-Conference award winner. He became an Assistant Athletic Director and Physical Education teacher at a middle school in Asheville, NC for two years before moving to Charlotte. 

Chandler was hired in 2018 to become Corvian’s first high school Health and PE teacher. In February of 2019 Chandler began serving as the Athletic Director here at Corvian for both middle and high school athletics. During his time as Athletic Director, Corvian was accepted into the North Carolina High School Athletic Association and broke ground on the new athletic complex. Chandler loved his time as the Athletic Director for Corvian, but knew his heart has always been with providing strong educational opportunities for students. The thing he is most excited about with his new position is being able to connect with the entire student body and wonderful staff at Corvian. Chandler’s professional goal has always been to become a school leader. He is excited to be enrolled at the University of North Carolina Wilmington studying to receive his Master’s degree in School Administration. 

Chandler loves to stay active and play in recreational sports leagues in his free time. He feels extremely fortunate to be at a school that values the importance of keeping students healthy both physically and mentally. He truly feels like he has found a home here at Corvian, and can’t wait to continue to help the high school grow and become an integral part of the leadership team!

Director of Middle School Education

Kelly Stegall

Kelly Stegall graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in Special Education. She continues to be a learner and teacher to help others around her. Her passion has always been helping struggling students and finding ways for all students to be successful in school because of her strong belief that every child can succeed. 

Kelly has experience in all types of educational settings, grades K-12. She has worked in general education classrooms, self-contained autism classrooms, behavior classrooms, and co-teaching classes. Kelly began her leadership career in 2017 as the Dean of Students and EC Coordinator for another charter school. She has been in leadership at Corvian for since 2019.

Kelly grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to North Carolina in 2006. She is a single mom of two beautiful daughters who also attend Corvian. In her free time she enjoys being outdoors, hiking, spending time with friends and family, and living a healthy lifestyle. She is dedicated to empowering the school community to create an inclusive and accepting environment.

Mark Gagan

Associate Director of Middle School Education

Mark Gagan
Mark Gagan graduated from East Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology in 2001 and a Master of Arts in Teaching in 2006.  After teaching Elementary School in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools for seven years, he came to Corvian where he has taught fourth through seventh grades since 2014.   
A proponent of experiential education, he is a graduate of the North Carolina Outward Bound School as well as the National Outdoor Leadership School.  Additionally, Mark has worked with the Great Outdoors University of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation.  Ascribing to the Outward Bound philosophy “to serve, to strive and not to yield,” he imbues in his students the motivation to realize their value and achieve their potential.  He desires to have every student develop a lifelong love of learning.
An avid outdoorsman, Mark has rafted the Colorado River multiple times and backpacked and climbed in Colorado, Wyoming, and Guatemala.  Residing in Huntersville, Mark enjoys hiking and being outdoors with his two children Abigail and Miles.

Kristi Miller

Director of Elementary Education

Director of Elementary Education
Kristi Miller graduated from Furman University with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and received a Master of Education degree from Converse College. However, Kristi’s best educational opportunity has been partnering with her husband, Chris, in parenting their two grown children. Mary Gwen and Sarah are her best teachers and her greatest source of joy!

During her teaching career, Kristi has collaborated with teachers and administrators to create educational plans that were driven by both data and research on best practices, written elementary curriculum, and worked closely with families to design programs that engage students and ignite a love of learning.  When her girls entered school at one of the few public Basic Schools in North Carolina, Kristi fell in love with the philosophy. She was a parent leader at that school for many years before her family moved on to a local charter school where she served on the Board of Directors.  Professional development opportunities introduced Kristi to Corvian Community School in 2013. The pure joy and passion every staff member has for what they do convinced Kristi that she had to be a part of this growing school.  Since coming to Corvian, she has been a Literary Facilitator, 3rd-grade teacher, and 5th-grade teacher.

Kristi lives in Highland Creek with her husband, Chris, Mary Gwen and Sarah live nearby and often visit around dinner time. She is a huge Panthers fan and loves nothing more than being at the stadium on a crisp autumn afternoon to watch her Panthers win. Kristi also enjoys sewing and quilting, traveling with her family, and serving in her church.

Holly Chapman

Associate Director of Elementary Education

Holly Chapman
Holly Chapman graduated from UNC Charlotte with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. She also recently received a Master of Education degree from UNCC with a focus on gifted education. As a recipient of the North Carolina Teaching Fellows scholarship, she had the opportunity to visit schools across the country to learn fresh ideas and see the latest research-based practices in action. After graduating, she married her high school sweetheart, PJ, and moved to Fort Riley, Kansas where he was stationed with the Air Force. She taught second grade on post and loved the community feel of the military families.

After one year in Kansas, she and her husband realized North Carolina still had their hearts and this was when Holly found Corvian. From the moment she walked through the doors in 2013, she fell in love with its philosophy, nurturing atmosphere, and community feel, as this perfectly aligns with her educational philosophy. Throughout her years at Corvian, she has taught 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grades, as well as served as Corvian's AIG coordinator/teacher and testing coordinator. During her time as the AIG coordinator, she collaborated closely with administration to help launch Corvian's AIG program. She has been serving as Corvian’s Associate Director of Elementary Education since 2017.

Holly currently lives in Denver with her husband and their three-year-old daughter. She enjoys baking, exercising, crafting, and spending time with her family.

Robin Haskell

Director of Information Technology

Robin Haskell graduated from Santa Barbara Business College with an emphasis on Early Generation Network Systems Administration during the days of Banyon VINES, 10baset, and Token Ring. He made the Dean's list and was an outstanding graduate of his class.

Joining Texaco, he became a member of Texaco's "Offshore Startup Team," Platform Harvest Pacific offshore waters, and later a member of the "Offshore Startup Team" Platform Barite Gulf of Mexico waters. Platform Harvest utilized early generation Taylor Software automation processing and Platform Barite utilized Siemen's early generation Touch Panel control systems for both oil and gas processing and safety systems. 

After 19 years with Texaco, Robin went to work for Frontier Technologies as a Network Systems Engineer in support of the Western Range contract for AFSC (Air Force Space Command). This later became known as WROCI under Indyne Inc., where he acquired and developed additional skill sets and certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, and receive multiple achievement awards including Team Member of the Year "WROCI" Vandenberg AFB 2010. He also worked on and was a member of the "RATS" (Range Automated Tasking System) upgrade development team for both the West Coast (Vandenberg) and East Coast (Cape Canaveral) launch systems.

His claim to fame is completing the Antique Motorcycle Cannonball Run Coast to Coast in the fall of 2010 in support of Fred Lange Restorations out of Santa Maria, CA. The two of them completed the Coast to Coast 21-day run across country on #46, a 1915 Harley Davidson, without a day or a mile lost to breakdown covering over 3,200 miles--Kitty Hawk, North Carolina to Santa Monica pier, California.

Robin is most proud of his family and his very successful three sons and their wives and being able to see two of his grandchildren--who both attend Corvian Community School--almost every day.

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