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SSL Certificate Instructions

SLL Certificate

Below are the SSL Certificate instructions for "ALL Users" on the Corvian Network who bring their own device. Some High School staff and all students who bring their own device will need to install one of the ZScaler (Firewall) SLL certificates. Failure to do so will result in problems connecting to the internet. Installing the certificate will force authentication to the Corvian Network and will also track SSL connections to the internet.

This process does not need to be completed by staff and students who are using Enterprise Chromebooks provided by Corvian.

Using Zoom on Student Computers within the Corvian School Enterprise

All students need to be using a Chrome Browser and Corvian email account. Open your email in the Chrome browser and log in with your full Corvian email address.

When a teacher sends you an invitation to join a scheduled session:

  1. Click on the invitation to join the session
  2. Click "Install from Web Store"
  3. Click "Add to Chrome"
  4. Click "Add App"
  5. Join the scheduled session
Some steps may not be required after initial install. Personal devices may require a different process depending on hardware and operating system.

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