Buddy Benches, a Fourth-Grade Legacy

Fourth-graders at Corvian Community School will soon matriculate to our middle school charter campus and start the next chapter of their schooling. As a grade level, students decided to create class t-shirts as a means of fundraising to leave their legacy behind. Parraling the charter school’s philosophy of reaching children’s emotional needs, students purchased friendship benches for the school. They then presented this idea to the younger students at Corvian. Here is what our fourth-grade students said about the new addition to the playground to the younger members of our community:

We are here to share an exciting new addition that we have worked hard to bring to Corvian through some fundraising we did as a grade!

Since this year is our final year at this elementary Corvian campus, we have spoken as a class a lot about leaving a lasting legacy on our school because it has been a safe place for us to play, learn, and explore the world around us.

With a new school year coming up and lots of new students joining public school, we wanted to make sure that we made everybody feel welcome! That’s why we decided to purchase some Buddy Benches to be placed on our playgrounds!

Almost everyone has had a time at some point where they felt lonely or didn’t know who to ask to play. This is when Buddy Benches get to work their magic! If you see somebody sitting on the bench, it is up to you to be a good friend and invite them to play with you! We all know recess is one of the best times of the day, and everybody should get the chance to have a good time! If you are the one that has nothing to do or nobody to play with, simply sit on the bench and see what happens next!

The Buddy Benches only work if you do your part to help out. If you’re sitting on the bench, that means you are looking for a friend. When somebody asks you to play, make sure you go join them! If you’re not sitting on the bench, make sure you glance over at it throughout recess. If you see somebody sitting there, make a new friend and invite them to play! As members of the Corvian Community, we are always looking to expand our circle of friends.

We are so proud of our students’ efforts in making Corvian Community School a place where students social, emotional, and physical needs are met in addition to their academic. Way to be leaders in our community, fourth-grade!

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