Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Written by AJ Jackson, Douglas Quarles, and Joshua Covington

Breast Cancer Awareness month started in 1985 as a partnership between the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical division of Imperial Chemical industries. Betty Ford helped kick off the week-long event, as she was a survivor of breast cancer wanting to use her experience to help with awareness. 

The goal of Breast Cancer Awareness month was to educate women about breast cancer and enlighten them to start thinking about early detection tests so they could take charge of their breast health. There are four different types of breast cancer, including ductal carcinoma in situ, inflammatory breast cancer, and metastatic breast cancer. The risk of this cancer increases with age. 

Breast cancer is almost entirely in women, but men can be at risk too. Some more key goals they wanted to achieve was to promote mammograms as an important tool to fight against Breast Cancer. 

During the month of October, breast cancer survivors and those with breast cancer are celebrated and encouraged to share their stories. The month is dedicated to raising funds for breast cancer research and other related sources. Breast Cancer Awareness month is a chance for all Americans to take time and acknowledge those men and women whose lives have been affected by breast cancer. 

There are a lot of supporters, but one of the largest supporters is the NFL. Nearly all of the players, coaches, and referees in the NFL wear a pink ribbon each October to show their respect. The NFL has quietly but dramatically shifted the traditional breast cancer awareness focus to border cancer awareness. This has resulted in the replacement of pink with a broader array of colors, as reflected in the league's “Crucial Catch” logo. 

The NFL isn't the only place where breast cancer receives numerous support. Many players on different levels show their respect towards the month. Throughout the month multiple colleges and high school football players wear strictly pink accessories as a symbol of respect towards people who go through this. There are always many themes in the games such as “pink out”. Here at Corvian Community School, we are holding our pink out games for volleyball, football, and soccer. 

Other significant events take place such as volunteering for organizations that raise awareness for breast cancer. One of the biggest events to participate in is a walk or run. The Susan G. Komen for the Cure is the largest and most successful breast cancer fundraising and education organization in the world. The organization runs the Komen Race for the Cure, a series of 5K runs and walks around the country. The organization also has the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure, a 60-mile,  3-day event. Proceeds from these events fund breast cancer research. 

Some other ways you can get involved in Breast Cancer Awareness Month are to wear pink, volunteer, help a cancer patient, share facts and statistics, create your fundraiser, and fund research initiatives. The support we show can help so much more than we know.  Breast Cancer is a devastating thing, so be sure to support the cause when you can.

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