Suicide Prevention Month

Written by Maria-Antionette Cammarano

September was Suicide Prevention Month. Many teens and adults alike struggle with suicidal thoughts, and oftentimes without support from others, they can act upon them. There are many clear warning signs, But many tend to overlook them, causing them to regret not taking action when there was still time left. It is important to watch what you say, even to those who you know are struggling with their mental health.

     Mental Health is a real thing that we all experience. Simple events can determine whether or not our day was good or bad, and can often make one spiral into worse thoughts. It has many layers, there isn’t an outright “cure” to help everyone- but there are always ways that you can help. 

Many great resources are available offering help other than telling your parents or a doctor. Hotlines are available 24/7 to offer quick assistance during crises. The National Suicide Hotline, which is nationally recognized in the US, is 988. You can call or text the number, and they will connect you to a mental health professional who will help you navigate and de-escalate the situation. If you are experiencing a crisis, text ‘BRAVE’ to 741 741 and they will also connect you with a crisis counselor. Both lines are toll-free and available to all.

If you aren’t comfortable with speaking to someone, using self-coping strategies might help. Focus on your breathing, and try breathing exercises. 

Five Senses Grounding Exercise 

  • Five things you can see

  • Four things you can touch, 

  • Three things you can hear

  • Two things you smell 

  • One thing you can taste. 

Coping is trial and error, what works for someone else might not work for you. It’s a journey, these are only a few of the many strategies you can implement. Corvian has a Guidance Corner group on Schoology with many resources you can use. 

Suicide comes in many forms, some more obvious than others, but the pain is real. Suicide is not something to joke about, even when feeling overwhelmed. As we move into colder months, be mindful of your and others' mental health. Seasonal Depression can cause people to go into a downward spiral. So check on your friends, and if you are experiencing hopelessness know that you are not alone.

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