Volleyball Team Season Update

Written by: Natalie Newsome and Emma Behlke

The volleyball teams at Corvian have improved within the past few years. Starting this season, the team has put up a good fight, as they are only playing with the perfect amount of players per team. Hoping for an injury-free season, they will continue to push towards a conference championship.

     Volleyball has been an uprising sport for Corvian, with only a select number of girls coming out each year. This year, Corvian has two new coaches who have every intention of bringing this sport to its full potential. With the immense amount of determination and heart for the game and girls, Corvian’s volleyball program has been taken to the next level. 

Freshman Ella Sagur said,  “I think the team this season is looking amazing. We have the strongest group of girls and we are all so supportive towards each other. We give it our all even through rough times, and continue to push through.” Ella is thrilled for the rest of this season, and is looking forward to what it brings. The Cardinals come out pumped for every game no matter what the competition is. 

Along with the physicality of the sport is the mental gameplay. Sophomore Katelyn Olmsted was asked if she faces any mental blocks throughout her game. Katelyn said, “I try to tell myself that it was one mistake and it doesn't define you. It definitely gets hard to shake it off sometimes, but I just have to focus on the positive things our team has done.” Volleyball is a mental game, and it takes the team's effort to keep each other motivated. 

Be sure to check the athletic calendar for dates and information on upcoming games. The Cardinals would love to have your support!

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