Welcome the Student Council President and Vice President

Written by: Ella Matterface and Kaia Garver

The results are in! 

After a long day of counting votes, our new student council electives are official. For the role of Student Council President, Abby Kirby won by a landslide. In a much closer vote, Sofia Cortez came out on top for the position of Student Council Vice President! Both have great ideas in mind to help improve our school and its student body. Now they have secured their roles, it is the perfect time to see what they have in store for us!

    Enticed by the opportunity for leadership, Abby jumped at the chance to run for the top spot on our student council. “I saw the opportunity as a senior to make an impact at the school,” she said. Abby has been a part of the council before, as well as had many leadership roles within our community- she felt well suited for the position. 

    As President, Abby is responsible for engaging with her classmates to hear what they want or need, and also conveying that information to our administration to accomplish those goals for the betterment of our students. Currently, she is working with the rest of our council members to organize many events for all grade levels to enjoy. She is also looking at fundraising opportunities to help our community. 

    Vice President Sofia Cortez is also advising in the planning of these events. “I just want to accomplish something fun that students are really going to remember,” she said. “I want them to be really engaged in whatever activities they do.” Sofia especially wants to make sure that all of the events are going to be inclusive and “a really good environment for students to enjoy time with their classmates.” 

    Both Abby and Sofia have promising goals in mind, and are already working hard to make sure our voices are heard. They look to make this school year the best it can be! 

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