4th Graders Spread Positivity to Fellow Students

On Friday, September 30th, Corvian's 4th grade class kicked off their Power of Positivity project with a performance of three songs, positive posters, inspirational cards, and a kindness wall for all of their younger classmates.  Being the "big fish" in the elementary "sea," the 4th grade staff saw an opportunity to teach a hands-on lesson on the power of positivity to their students.  Throughout the year, students will do mini lessons with the younger students, be morning greeters during carpool, and overall be good role models to their younger peers.  The goal is to spread goodness, kindness, and positivity wherever they go and however they can.  They began this work in their own classrooms, on Friday they spread their mission to the elementary school, and ultimately they hope that their positive attitudes will affect their community. Fourth Grade teacher, Kat Gamertsfelder shared, "The butterfly effect of kindness is strong and we plan to spread our wings and soar out into this world with love and joy.  We cannot wait to see each ripple effect spread far and wide."
Being positive role models in our school and community is an important part of developing the whole child.  Corvian wants to make sure that each student has the ability to seek a positive perspective in every situation so that they can create in their world happiness and success.

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