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Corvian Community School is develops the whole child and seeks to address the cognitive, emotional, social and physical needs of each student. The ultimate goal is to help students develop happy, healthy lives well equipped for the future. 
The Basic School Philosophy
According to The Basic School by Dr. Ernest L. Boyer, there are four building blocks to promote each student’s learning. We use these four components as our core values.
  • The School as Community :
    • Characteristics of this component are:
      • A Shared Vision- a clear and vital mission
      • Teachers as Leaders- Teachers have the ability to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all students.
      • Parents as Partners- Parents are the child's first and best teacher. We seek to engage parents as partners in the educational process.
  • A Curriculum with Coherence:
    • Characteristics of this component are:
      • The Centrality of Language- All children become proficient in the written and spoken word.
      • The Core Commonalities- Students will learn about the life cycle, the use of symbols, membership in groups, a sense of time and space, response to the aesthetic, connections to nature, producing and consuming,and living with purpose.
      • Measuring Results- Benchmarks are used to monitor student achievement.
  • A Climate for Learning -
    • Characteristics of this component are:
      • Patterns to Fit Purpose- Every student is encouraged to become a disciplined, creative, well-motivated learner.
      • Resources to Enrich-Students are given access to electronic tools that connect each classroom to networks of knowledge.
      • Services for children- Corvian is committed to serving the whole child, acknowledging that a students's physical, social, and emotional well-being also relates to learning.
  • A Commitment to Character -
    • Characteristics of this component are:
      • The Core Virtues- Corvian teaches honesty, respect, responsibility, compassion, self-discipline, perseverance and giving.
      • Living with Purpose- The core virtues are taught both by word and deed.
Our Health and Wellness Focus:

Corvian Community School is committed to the physical, emotional, and mental health of all of its students. Research shows the increased need to focus on the healthful living of our students; “It is the growing belief that any future advances made in improving the nation’s health will not result from spectacular biomedical breakthroughs. Rather, advances will result from personally initiated actions that are directly influenced by the individual’s health-related attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge” (American Medical Association, 2005). By specifically teaching the Common Core standards within our curriculum, our hope is for students to become young adults who make healthy choices for their lives. In addition, teachers will model and teach children about healthy diets and the importance of exercise and good health habits. Attention is given to teaching children about healthy food choices, and to that end, parents are encouraged to pack healthy snacks and healthy lunches each day that include fruits, vegetables, and a good source of protein. Water bottles will be available to students throughout the school day. Tennis shoes will be required for all students on a daily basis. Students will exercise each day during outside play and physical education classes. Parents are also encouraged to provide outside play in the afternoons and on weekends. Exercise, nutrition, and other healthful living habits will be incorporated into newsletters in order to strengthen healthful habits at home.

Physical Fitness
Physical Fitness can improve student outcomes and build better brains. Our students will implement the Physical Education standards throughout the year using the nationally acclaimed program SPARK during their Physical Education Classes. Students will have daily opportunities for exercise (indoor and outdoor) through classroom activity, outside play, and physical education classes. A nutritional expert is readily available to provide workshops to our staff and parents.
In the primary grades, children learn important movement skills and begin to understand how the muscles, bones, heart, and lungs connect to physical activity. Students begin to develop space and body awareness and are engaged in activities that develop basic levels of strength, endurance, and flexibility. In the upper elementary grades, students continue to build on their strength, endurance, and flexibility. Students also begin creating personal fitness goals and discover how exercise affects different parts of the body.

Our Grounded Yoga program:
Corvian Community School finds the physical, emotional, academic, and interpersonal benefits that Grounded Yoga brings to our school for our students each week. The Grounded Yoga program is specifically designed for public schools and taught by Grounded Yoga Teachers. Students will find an increase in strength, flexibility, self control, and awareness. Students also learn how to recognize and cope with emotions in a healthy and productive way. Neuroscience also reveals that the reduction of stress that yoga brings actually increases school performance.
Health and Wellness Documents

Pack this, not that
Need some lunch inspiration? Try this.
I Am Creed
By: Mark Scharenbroich

I am unique in the world,
I am capable of learning and growing,
I am a person who appreciates the differences in others,
I am talented and I share my talents,
I am unlike any other human being;
I am a person who pursues personal dreams,
I am an active participant in life,
I am committed to my values;
I am a one-of-a-kind human being and a celebration of life.
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