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8th Grade Science

At Corvian Community School, we strive to develop our students into independent thinkers and problem solvers. We feel strongly about the use of hands-on, inquiry-based learning, integrated activities, and differentiated instruction. Sometimes our students will be engaged in integrated units of study where mathematical skills and concepts are couched into a scientific context. In other instances, we will teach math and science separately, but often with a project-based approach. In 6th, 7th, and 8th grade we will align the curriculum and capitalize on the natural math/science connections that can occur at each level of study.

Instruction and learning in Common Core Science grade 8 focuses on 3 critical areas: Physical Science, Earth Science, and Life Science.

Physical Science: Properties of Matter and Change; Conservation and Transfer of Energy

Understanding the properties of matter and changes that occur when matter interacts in an open and closed container; Explaining environmental implications associated with various methods of obtaining, managing, and using energy resources.  

Earth Science: Earth systems, structures and processes; Earth history

Understanding the hydrosphere and the effects of the hydrosphere on humans; understanding the history of Earth and its life forms based on evidence found in fossils and landforms.

Life Science: Structures and functions of living organisms; Ecosystems; Evolution and genetics

Understanding the hazard caused by agents of diseases that affect living organisms; the use of biotechnology and its effect on living organisms; understanding ecosystems, including how organisms interact with and respond to the biotic and abiotic components of their environment; understanding the evolution of organisms and landforms based on evidence, theories and processes that impact the Earth over time; understanding the composition of a variety of substances and their ability to serve as an energy source and building materials for growth and repair of organisms;

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