Lottery Application

2024-2025 Lottery Application

Lottery registrations will be accepted beginning November 1, 2023, continuing through January 31, 2024, at 2:00 PM. Applications submitted outside of the registration period (using the application’s date/time stamp as verification) will be excluded from the live lottery drawing. 

If there are more applications for a grade than there are seats available, a lottery will be held to fill vacant seats in that grade.  After seats are filled, the drawing will continue to determine the order of a waiting list. 

To participate in the Lottery, all applicants must meet the following admission criteria: 

  1. NC RESIDENT: Students, parents, or legal guardians, must be domiciled as legal residents with a permanent home in a North Carolina school district. The domiciliary must be in place at the time of the student application in order for that particular application to gain consideration in the lottery. 

  2. KINDERGARTEN AGE MINIMUM: Students registering for Kindergarten must reach 5 years of age on or before August 31, 2024. Students who will not be 5 years old by 8/31/24 will not be eligible for enrollment. No exceptions. 

  3. You MUST enter your application into Lotterease by 2:00 PM on January 31, 2024, to be considered for the lottery drawing. 


In compliance with G.S. 115C-218.45, Corvian Community School will offer enrollment priority (preference) to students who meet certain eligibility requirements. 

To register as a priority applicant, students must meet at least one of the following eligibility criteria, in addition to the basic admission criteria described above:

1. SIBLING PRIORITY: Siblings of currently enrolled CCS students who were admitted to the School in a previous year will take enrollment precedence over general admission applicants. For the purposes of this subsection, the term "siblings" includes any of the following who reside in the same household: half-siblings, stepsiblings, and children residing in a family foster home.

a. Former CCS Students: Priority will not be granted to a former CCS student, regardless of their sibling status. Effective June 1, 2019, a student permanently forfeits his or her slot awarded via the enrollment selection process upon withdrawal from CCS. After withdrawal, a former student who desires to re-enroll at CCS will not receive any advantages (i.e. preference or priority) and will be required to follow the same application procedures as all other general applicants for the next available lottery selection process.

2. STAFF MEMBER PRIORITY: Children of staff members are eligible for priority enrollment and will take enrollment precedence over sibling and board member priority applicants. If an individual is hired in a full-time capacity, their child will be enrolled at the start of the next school year in the appropriate grade if there are available openings in that grade. If there is not an opening at that grade, their child will be placed at the top of the waitlist in the order of application until a spot becomes available or until the 20th day of school.

3. BOARD MEMBER PRIORITY: Children of governing board members are eligible for priority enrollment and will take enrollment precedence over general admission applicants but will be treated equally to sibling priority applicants. Staff members’ children will take precedence for order of enrollment if there are limited openings within the desired grade.

If your child meets any of the above criteria, make sure to select from the preference options provided when completing your application. Without the correct designation, the Lotterease program will default your application to a general admission applicant and your child will not receive priority weighting during the lottery drawing.

All current students of CCS will be automatically enrolled for the following school year, unless the School is notified otherwise in writing. The School will routinely inquire of parents in early spring through letters of intent to ascertain if students will return to CCS the following year.

Applications will not be accepted from February 1, 2024 - February 13, 2024 while lottery registration is CLOSED in preparation for the lottery drawing. 

Lottery registration will reopen following the lottery drawing. All lottery applications submitted after the January 31, 2024 deadline will be considered immediately if space is available or added to the bottom of the waiting list if all seats are filled. 

The lottery drawing will take place on Tuesday, February 13, 2024 at 4:00 pm at the High School All are welcome to attend; however, attendance does not improve chances of enrollment and is not required. Lottery results are LIVE and the waitlists are updated in real-time 24/7. To access results, log into your Lotterease parent account, or access the public results on our Lottery Results page.

Respectfully, no questions or comments will be permitted from those who wish to attend the lottery drawing.

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