Social Studies

6th Grade Social Studies

At Corvian Community School, we will establish an integrated model where social studies and language arts teachers plan cohesive units that integrate the standards. Our classrooms will be highly integrated with book clubs, research papers, word study, various projects, and opportunities to build a community of readers, writers, speakers and listeners. Students will learn, apply, and synthesize the language arts curriculum goals through the study of world cultures, historical events, and the local and global community. We are committed to involvement in the community, establishing global connections, and gaining respect and understanding for diversity within cultures and communities. Through our cohesive approach to learning we will produce well-rounded students who appreciate and recognize historical perspectives and therefore are able to begin establishing their own individual identity. Students will also experience further curricular integration through grade-level global themes. We will adhere closely to the standards set forth at the national and state level.

Theme for the year: Perspective

Essential Questions:
   Who are we?
   How did we get here?
   How do we impact the world around us?
During Social Studies in sixth grade, students will spend the year exploring these essential questions. Students will understand how the physical and human geography of a place contributes to the identity of a region, community, state, nation or the world. They will explore these concepts through reading maps, nonfiction, and historical fiction. Students will understand how to read and write effectively for purpose, subject and audience. They will use critical skills including reading strategies, annotating, and research to explore fiction and nonfiction texts. They will develop these skills as writers as they explore multiple genres of writing. Grammar and vocabulary will be woven throughout the units.
5 Strands
  • History
  • Economic and Financial Literacy
  • Civics and Government
  • Geographic and Environmental Literacy
  • Culture
Major Focus:
1) Beginning of Society- Humanity giving shape to the World:Pre-history: map skills, 5 themes of geography, understanding culture and civilization, early man, nomadic vs. sedentary societies, migration of man
2) Early Civilizations and Emergence of Pastoral People 4000-1000 BCE: Ancient Egypt, India and China, trade, invasions/conquests, development of languages and writing, social classes
3) Classical Traditions, Major Religions, Giant Empires 1000 BCE- 300 CE:Greek and Roman Empires, economy and trade, expansion and collapse of empires, government and citizenship, religion and politics, arts and culture
4) Expanding Zones of Exchange and Encounter 300 -1000 CE:Medieval Europe, spread of Christianity, feudalism, trade, power and politics, technology, education
5) Intensified Hemispheric Interactions 1000-1500 CE: The Americas, Mesoamerica, Aztecs, Inca, Expansion to New World
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