7th Grade Science

At Corvian Community School, we strive to develop our students into independent thinkers and problem solvers. We feel strongly about the use of hands-on, inquiry-based learning, integrated activities, and differentiated instruction. Sometimes our students will be engaged in integrated units of study where mathematical skills and concepts are couched into a scientific context. In other instances, we will teach math and science separately, but often with a project-based approach. In 6th, 7th, and 8th grade we will align the curriculum and capitalize on the natural math/science connections that can occur at each level of study.

Instruction and learning in Common Core Science grade 7 focuses on 3 critical areas: Physical Science, Earth Science, and Life Science.

Physical Science: Forces and Motion; Energy: Conservation and Transfer

Understanding motion, the effects of forces on motion, and the graphical representations of motion; understanding forms of energy, energy transfer and transformation and conservation in mechanical systems.

Earth Science: Earth systems, Structures, and Processes

Understanding how the cycling of matter (water and gases) in and out of the atmosphere relates to Earth’s atmosphere, weather and climate and the effects of the atmosphere on humans.

Life Science: Structures and functions of living organisms; Evolution and Genetics

Understanding the processes, structures and functions of living organisms that enable them to survive, reproduce and carry out the basic functions of life; understanding the relationship of the mechanisms of cellular reproduction, patterns of inheritance and external factors to potential variation among offspring.

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